Moments of Calm Box

Moments of Calm Box

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Unwind with this box which is designed to help you find moments where you can achieve a little peace and serenity.  This box has a retail value of over $65, and contains:

Paint By Sticker Book - Allow your mind to focus as you find the sticker, peel it, and place it in the right place to create beautiful “paintings”.

Leslie Saligoe Botanicals Calm Balm - Rub this moisturizing balm with the soothing scents of lavendar and ylang ylang into tight temples or achy shoulders whenever you need a moment of calm.  Each balm also contains a hidden amethyst, a stone that is said to be associated with peace and calm.

Carmella's Jewelry You Are Enough Adjustable Mantra RingThis beautiful, hand-stamped ring provides the perfect reminder: You are enough.

Bed of Nails Acupressure Strap: Each strap contains 1848 rounded acupressure nails designed to help relieve pain and tension and increase circulation.  The strap design allows you to apply targeted treatment whenever you need it.